IMG Residency

No.1 (16) / June 2007

Dear Doctor ,


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Here is what is happening in the IMG world now:


1.       ERAS tokens will be available tomorrow June 30th. 

 Please log on to the ECFMG OASIS to obtain your ERAS token. There is a fee of $75 for the token. ECFMG will act as your designated Dean's Office. They will scan and transmit your supporting documents and your ECFMG status report. You need to pay this fee before the token can be released to you.

Here is a link to the OASIS, which you should have used in the past when applying for the steps:


2.       ERAS registration opens July 1st. You have to register with ERAS using your token.


There is a $60 processing fee for registering with ERAS. This fee allows you to apply for 10 programs as long as all ten are in the same specialty. You will pay the ERAS Processing Fee later in the process, after selecting your programs.


3.       NRMP registration opens on August 15th

There is a $90 registration fee.


4.       ECFMG ERAS newsletter registration is open:

Please go to:

to subscribe for important ECFMG/ERAS updates


What should you do now:


1.       Apply for ERAS token

2.       Register at MyEras - after July 1st

3.       Mail your documents to ECFMG as soon as you are ready. Please use  "ERAS Document Submission Form":

Here is a list of documents you have to send to ECFMG for scanning:


Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) formerly known as Dean's Letter,
Medical School Transcript,
Color Photograph (2.5 in x 3.5 in),
Letters of Recommendation

California Application Status Letter if you plan to apply to any program in California.


Here is ECFMG address:

P.O. Box 11746
Philadelphia, PA 19101-0746


ERAS documents page on ECFMG:


Important Note: ECFMG Document submission policy has changed. Beginning last year you should be sending ORIGINALS of MSPE and LORs.


ECFMG scanning time has increased from 2 to 4 weeks, so you have to mail your documents by the beginning of August to be ready by September 1st.



To obtain a CA letter you please call the California Medical Board and request a CA letter package package:

Tel: 916-263-2499


You can also request the application packet by e-mail:



Good luck,


IMG Residency team


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