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Match 2015 Webinar

Next Webinar dedicated to preparation for the Match 2015 is scheduled for 08/21/2014 at 9 AM CST.

We will be discussing the following topics and answering questions. You will be able to see the slides and chat in the public chat room:

  • Match 2015 timeline
  • When should I start preparing my application?
  • ERAS, NRMP, ECFMG. Where should I register and what role each agency plays in the application process.
  • What documents do I have to prepare and by when?
  • How and when to request LORs?
  • How do I get MSPE?
  • Document submission options
  • Personal statement, what makes it perfect?
  • Selecting specialty
  • Applying to the programs. How many and where should I apply?
  • How many interviews do I need?
  • Q & A session

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