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Midway through the Match 2014 Webinar

Next Webinar dedicated to the Midway through the Match 2014 is scheduled for 11/5/2013.

We will be discussing the following topics. Participants will have the ability to see slides, listen to the information, and chat in the public chatroom.

  • Match 2014 Progress.
  • Many Rejections. Too few Interviews.
  • Follow Up Strategy.
  • Newcomers. Is it worth applying in November?
  • How many programs should I apply for?
  • How many interviews do I need to succeed?
  • Low USMLE scores. What are my options?
  • No USMLE Step 2 CK/CS result. Should I wait?
  • Preparing for Residency Interviews.
  • Day before the Interview.
  • What to bring to the Interview?
  • Post Interview Activities.
  • Q & A session

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