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old IMG, please advice

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old IMG, please advice

Postby teata » Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:13 am

Hello everyone
I am IMG, old grad 1998, US citizen, us experience (old, 2004-2006), 3 publications in american jounal of allergy and immunology, 5 recent US LOR's (very strong). BUT low scores step1-75 (3rd attempt-2003) step-2CK 75 (3rd attempt -2000) step2CS -2004, ECFMG certificate Dec. - 2003.
Since 2007 I am in former Soviet Union, working for the Emergency Medicine (US designed program under American Doctors supervision, finished "american mini residency program", designed for our hospital by american doctors. We passed the same exam residents take after finishing ER residency
Participated in MATCH-2005 could not get the spot, than had to live the US for family reasons.
Planning to come back, I was hoping after seven years I could retake exams, but I guess it is not possible?.. Do I have any chanses to get in the residency IM, FP, PEDs, PSY...
Pls enyone help, thank you
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Re: old IMG, please advice

Postby anatolyk » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:20 am

Your biggest problem would be attempts, scores, age of exams. Retaking exams is possible since 7 years from your first test has passed. Your best bet would be getting somebody personally ask for you. Otherwise it is going to be really tough, especially considering high competition in EM.
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