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Info IMG Scramble Service

Year 2005 scramble was the most competitive ever. The main reason is a delay in delivering USMLE Step 2 CS results. Most of the programs require ECFMG certification prior to considering an applicant. Step 2 delays made a lot of IMGs ineligible for those programs.

Our Info IMG applicants did extremelly well, actually outperforming our expectations.

We have spent a lot of time analyzing the results and determining statistical correlations, therefore improving our process and future candidates' chances at Info IMG.

When we tried to time all the things that had to be done in the first couple of post match hours, we realized that there was no way a human being could do that. We wrote a state of the art software system that automates everything but you call the programs.

It isn't a big deal to do that manually, but time is of essence! Try to estimate how much time you need just to send 30 e-mails or faxes. Take into account busy signals because everybody else is trying to do the same and you will end up with about 3 hours.

Our Services

Stage 1. We will create a web site (see a sample at for your application and e-mail your cover letter to ALL the programs in the specialties you want to get to.  We will do it about one week before the match. This step should pay off in the post match or even after the match. Program Directorss will keep your application in file until about September 2006. Quite often programs have openings before July 1st because some residents cannot get their visa, family matters, etc. This application will get you the necessary exposure. Even in the worst-case scenario, this information will help you getting interview for the 2007 Match. In our opinion this step is even more important than sending your application on a scramble day.

Stage 2. We will create (or re-use) your application web site as in Stage 1. Your application will get delivered to ALL unmatched programs during the first hour after the results are published.

We recommend combining stages 1 and 2 and offer a significant discount.  Stage 1 and 2 together create a very strong strategy . First, most PDs that anticipate any unfilled positions will keep your application from Stage 1 and most likely will contact you right after the post-match scramble starts. Second round of e-mails to the programs with unfilled positions will get some more PDs to revisit your application.


E-mails before the match (Stage 1) E-mails and faxes on the Scramble (Stage 2). 50% refundable* E-mails before the match and e-mails and faxes on the Scramble (Stage 1 and 2 combined). 30% refundable**
1 Specialty $500 $500 $800
2 Specialties $800 $1,000 $1,400
Each additional specialty $200 $200 $300

  • * 50% refundable if you get matched in the main match and there is no need for postmatch efforts.
  • **30% refund for combined Step 1 and 2 application if you match in the main match.
  • ***80% discount for the 2007 Match services   - just $100 per specialty

We guarantee delivery of your application to as many unmatched programs as you need within the first 60 minutes after the list is published. As a matter of fact last year we were done by 12:15 on March 16th.

With pre-pay option we can guarantee that we have enough resources to scan and prepare all your documents. If you matched, we will refund you 50% of your payment just to cover the cost of making your application ready.

If you want to pay only after the main match is over (March 13th 2006), there is a chance that we will not have resources available to handle your application. We will keep our web site updated during the postmatch, so you know if we are still accepting applications.

How to start

Please e-mail, fax or mail the following documents to the addresses provided at the Contact Us page:
  • ERAS® Common Application Form (CAF)
  • Personal statements, one for each specialty
  • Cover letters, one for each specialty
  • Dean's letter
  • LORs or LOR writers names and contact information
  • Medical school transcript
  • USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 if available score reports
  • ECFMG® certificate (if available)
  • Your picture
Phone: (281) 698-1199
Fax:     (815) 550-2224

Competitive Advantage

Our software engineers work hard to make sure your application gets where it belongs - in the Program Directors mailbox, not in a junk mail bucket on the program mail server. We employ sophisticated technology to make sure your application does not look like Spam.
We are the best on the scramble services market not only because of technological advantages. You are getting service from people who have gone through the scramble and learned how to do it in a hard way, not those who were trained to do a specific thing and perform it to a high enough standard. You are receiving help from the people that have spent numerous years on this subject and therefore can relate with your needs. 

We will strive to be your best choice since we know that we can produce the best results. If you find a service with a smaller price, we will directly work with you to either beat the price and/or the quality of service. Also, we understand that most of our customers do not have the financial support for the service and even here we will assist you. A more reasonable price will be considered when we remove some features. This will not, however, mean that the effectiveness will become worse.

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